We are only happy when you are, which is why we love hearing from our clients!


Thank you so much for this highlight video! I have watched it like 7 times already and it has already gone viral with my family….
Your team did an AMAZING job and I cannot wait til the whole production is complete! I can’t imagine how hard I will laugh and cry then…WOOF. Thank you so much!



I was looking at your webpage and fell in love with your videos!!!



Wow! This looks really good! I’m now even more excited to see the full video! Thank you so much. [Then after getting the final] We received the videos last week! They’re awesome!



Thanks Jeff!! This is great!!! Love it. Can’t wait for the final product!! [Then after getting the final] The video turned out AWESOME! Thank you again!! You guys captured everything, it was great to see it all and we really enjoyed the video montage piece🙂



Thank you!! We watched it last night and it was absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!!! Our wedding video was money well spent🙂



This is awesome. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for us. You went above and beyond. Hopefully Rockstead and Clapboard can work together again in the future! Bigger and better😉 thanks again man.



Thank you SO much Jeff!!! The highlight video was so awesome. It was perfectly sweet and funny! I can’t wait to see the full completed video whenever it’s completed! I will definitely recommend you all to other people getting married in Cincinnati. You all were wonderful to work with. Thanks again!!!



Thanks guys! The video is great! I’ve watched it a few times already this morning. I cant wait to see the final product.



So great thank you for sharing! I will highly recommend you for other weddings.



I am a bride that was married in july 2012. Clapboard video is not only  the best videographer in Cincinnati but one of the best vendors in  general! They always returned emails promptly and were very  professional. They spent more time at our wedding than any other  vendor. They came to the rehearsal the night before which took one less  thing away that I had to worry about! There final product was not just  video of our wedding. It was a complete production!! We could not have  been more happy with the service and final product. I met with several  other top videographers and I am so happy I chose clapboard. I feel I  would not have received the same personal service we did or great  product! Our moments have been forever captured and we are more than  thrilled!! Their pricing is very competitive and affordable. If you  have one splurge I would spend it on Clapboard!



I would definitely recommend clapboard for wedding videos. They are  very thorough and blend right in with the crowd … you dont even know  they are there. They captured some amazing moments of our day.



Clapboard were awesome videographers. I have been to other weddings where the camera is in the way the whole time and gets very annoying. Clapboard did not do this at all! They were there but you hardly noticed. They made sure to capture any special moments that we asked for and were willing to stay the entire reception if we wanted them to. We haven’t seen our video yet, but I am sure it will be fantastic! UPDATE: We got the videos and it turned out amazing!! It was awesome to relive the night all over. Thank you so much for everything and I will definitely recommend you to any of our future friends and family!



We hired Clapboard for the ceremony only and they did a fantastic job!  They had 4 cameras capturing our outdoor wedding and put them together  in a great package we will cherish forwever. They are a small company,  but very professional. I highly recommend them!



Clapboard was very easy to work with. They captured everything I wanted  and then some. The entire team was very friendly and spent as much time  as needed planning how they would shoot shoot the wedding and  reception. And best of all, they offer an option to have your wedding  burnt on a Blu-ray disc. What’s the point of using expensive HD cameras  and editing equipment when the final DVD won’t be full res HD? Very  happy with the final product; would recommend to anyone.



My husband and I were thrilled with Jeff and Jim before we got our  video because they were so easy to work with and accommodating. They  captured all the great moments on our wedding day, but were “behind the  scenes” as much as possible. After we got our video, we cannot tell you  how happy we were with them! They truly captured the whole day in the  video ‘ especially the “little moments” It was definitely some of the  best money we spent for our wedding and we would recommend Clapboard  Video to anybody.



I had a wonderful experience using clapboard video. they were wonderful  from the begging. at first i was worried about having cameras following  me around all day. the day of my wedding i barley ever seen them and i  almost forgot they were there, but some how they manged to get all the  important shots of they whole day. when i got the finial video it took  my breath away! it was so amazing and i got relive the whole day all  over again. now i show every one the video, i watch it every day and im  so happy i made the choice to hire clapboard video, thanks Jeff!!!!



My husband and I got married in May 2011 and Clapboard Video was the  absolute BEST! We met with several videographers before selecting  Clapboard to do our video and we’re confident that we made the best  selection. Their prices were great compared to all of the other video  companies and the quality of our video is superb. They accomodated our  special requests and they captured everything we could have asked for  on our big day. Because of Clapboard we can enjoy our wedding day over  and over again. Jeff and Jim, the videographers and owners of the  company, were easy to work with. They attended our wedding rehersal to  make sure that everything would go smoothly the day of the wedding and  they stayed with us throughout our wedding day. We’d recommend them to  anyone and we’d use them again for other events.



Jeff and Jim did a GREAT job the day of our wedding. We were getting married outside and wasn’t sure about the weather or how it would go. Jim attended the rehearsal to make sure he would capture everything correctly. On the day it rained during our pictures and the bride would of got soaked, but Jeff had an umbrella to give her. Jeff continued doing his thing while getting soaked in the process. I couldn’t believe the effort this company went to. During the    rest of the day, we hardly even noticed they were there. They even stayed longer then the photographer! About 2 weeks later, we got a music video on the web we could Facebook and share with our family/friends. This was amazing. 3 months later, the DVD’s came. My wife and I got a nice meal and settled to watch our day for the first time. I was blown away! They caught things I didn’t even know was happening. We both cried watching the video reliving the special day.  This truely is a video of a lifetime. If you are getting married, you need to have a video and you MUST hire Clapboard Video!



Jim at Clapboard was wonderful, he came to our rehearsal and gave us great input on how we should do certain things during the ceremony. Jim and his crew were great to work with we didn’t even know they were there, and they are all very nice and easy going! They also give you a video preview which is so fun, I am really excited to see what else they have for us!



Jermaine and I have already lost count how many times we have watched the music video!!  If the final product is anything like what we have already seen we will be pleased!  Thank you so much for capturing our special day. I cant believe how fast that evening went!  We are looking forward to the finished product, but we will just keep replaying the music video until then. UPDATE:  This weekend we had all of our family and friends over to watch our wedding video! I just wanted to let you know that Jermaine and I are extremely pleased with the final product. Every special moment of our wedding was captured and we are so happy that we have this video to re-live our wedding day. I can’t explain how excited I was from just looking at the cover and the ‘credits’!



We loved the music video!!!! Thanks so much for sending that to us. It was a great surpirse and our family enjoyed it! I can’t wait to see the Blue Ray!🙂



THANK YOU! We had so many compliments about you guys on Friday. We are  so happy we decided to do the video even before we saw it just  based on their interaction and passion! Thanks  so much!  My husband and I were thrilled with Jeff and Jim  before  we got our video because they were so easy to work with and  accomodating. They captured all the great moments on our wedding day,  but were “behind the scenes” as much as possible. After we got our  video, we cannot tell you how happy we were with them! They truly  captured the whole day in the video ‘ especially the “little moments”  It was definitely some of the best money we spent for our wedding and  we would recommend Clapboard Video to anybody.



We just wanted to say what a fabulous job you did on our daughter’s graduation photo DVD. It was so much more than just pictures, it was like watching a movie of our daughter as she grew up throughout the years!! Everyone truly enjoyed watching the video during her graduation party and we really appreciated having an extra DVD that played through continuously since her party was an open house and people were able to easily watch the entire thing without us always having to restart it.  The video was so creative and Jeff was great to work with! It was done so quickly and very professionally. He did a great job of including all the things we wanted to make this a lasting memory of our daughter growing up and he created something that we will enjoy watching for many, many years to come!! It was so much better to have this DVD than any scrapbook and I would recommend for everyone to do this for their own children who are graduating. It will be a cherished video in our house! Thank you!!



Clapboard Video did a video shoot for us for an interview of a doctor with b-roll footage as well. With our company being in another state and needing the footage locally, we hired them to place our trust in. The video footage came out wonderfully and I thank them for a job well done!



We watched the video that you put together, and it was tremendous!  Thank you for capturing the moments and memories that we can always share together whenever we watch that video.  I must say that you guys were very respectful, organized, and professional (on top of putting out a great product). We would certainly use you again and if you ever need recommendations, please let me know and I would be glad to put in a good word for you.  Thanks again, and keep in touch.



While the photographer missed various oppurtunities; we where thankful we had hired a quality videographer as he captured every shot imaginable. The final DVD was amazing (HD quality; superior editing;  with added special effects) and will serve as a valued keepsake.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for our wedding video. It was more than we expected. You did an incredible job and it was the best present that anyone could have given us. Thanks again for all the time you put towards it… WE LOVE IT!!!



Clapboard Video exceeded all of our expectations for our wedding in January 2010.    Jeff and Jim were absolutely wonderful to work with. They personally    met with us and even attended the rehearsal so they wouldn’t miss a thing the day of the wedding. They captured all of the important moments and even the little ones that mean a lot later. Your wedding day goes by so quickly and it is nice to sit back now and enjoy it over and over again. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. Good Cost.  Amazing Service.  Awesome Product.



These guys were awesome to work with. Jim even came to the rehearsal to see how everything would flow the next day. They captured everything I wanted. I didn’t decide to hire a videographer until about six weeks before our wedding and fortunately Clapboard had an opening. They came to our home and brought some of their demos and I knew right away they were right for the job. I haven’t seen my entire video yet but the music video/highlight video they created is amazing. I’ve had so many compliments on it. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent and can’t wait to enjoy our video for years to come!



They did an excellent job!! Very friendly and personable. Final product was amazing, very very happy to have such a wonderful DVD to look back on for years to come. Very affordable for all that they do, and they truly make you feel important, not just like a profit. Would defiantly recommend to anyone!!



Jeff and Jim performed their job very professionally without any hassle or problems. It was our pleasure to work with them. During the wedding and rehearsal they were almost invisible and managed to capture all the important moments which we will carry with us through our life thanks to these guys. Initially we were not going to do the video but then I stumbled upon the Clapboard’s add with specials and nice presentation – we decided to give it a try. Other vendors asked for at least twice for their services and believe me the quality and courteous service were worth well above what we paid. The BluRay and compilation using our photos look awesome!!!  We loved working with you, everything turned out to be much easier and smoother than we anticipated and your professionalism played very important role in it.



Working with Clapboard was a great experience from the beginning to the end.    They were professional and easy to get a hold of if I had any questions. They were relaxed during the day of the wedding and I did not even notice that they were recording us. At first I was hesitant about even getting a videographer but after I talked with them and saw the finished product I would have regretted the decision to go without or to go with another company.  I interviewed several others and Clapboard was the best out there! Worth every penny.



Clapboard was fantastic to work with. From the very beginning, the communication was easy and often. If we ever had questions, we could ask without    hesitation. The price was WELL worth it and the turn around time for our final video was very good. I appreciated that the videographer came to our rehearsal to get an idea of the venue before the actual wedding day. I was very impressed (and thankful!) that he stayed at our reception until the end to get the best shots of the night. Can’t wait to show the video to many, many friends! I wasn’t sure if I wanted a videographer when we started planning; but I, now, can’t imagine not    having Clapboard Video there on our special day!



We just wanted to take the time to thank Jim and Jeff for their great work for our wedding day video. What we liked most about their services was their professionalism and creativity. This was a wonderful experience and their package deals was one of the best around. They both genuinely cared about making our wedding video capture the day. We love our video. Thanks so much!!!!



Just wanted to let you know that Jim and I finally had a day off and we were able to watch both dvd’s. You did a great job! You seemed to have captured everything and then some🙂 Thanks again for both dvd’s! We look forward to watching again in months and years to come! Great work!



Hello! Oh, my goodness, we absolutely love the music video! Words can’t express the wonderful thoughts and expressions we received regarding your professionalism and warm demeanor. Thank you so much for making our day even better!



What a great video! Thanks for doing such a good job capturing this special moment for our daughter and son in law!!!🙂



Clapboard Video has been the videographer for my dance studio for over 10 years and we feel they do an excellent job.



This video is beyond my expectations! …It flows wonderfully..captured all the big and small moments..Bravo!!



This was such an amazing experience. The quality that Clapboard Video has put into this was rated #1. Everyone should do this for their Wedding…..A moment that you will always have! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!



The picture montage of my son from birth to graduation was amazing. It was a huge hit at his graduation party!



Several months ago my mother passed away… We gave them a stack of old photos, some were black and whites from over 60 years ago. They put together a video of her life… It was truly special.

One comment on “Testimonials

  1. I worked extensively with Jeff Klaene, Clapboard Video as well as Jim Bucher, BuchTVGuy over several months. Together we produced a fabulous video commemorating the 50th anniversary signing of the Civil Rights Act. Jeff and Jim both took this project to heart and worked closely with us in developing a fabulous video. I would HIGHLY recommend Jeff and Jim for any video work we plan in the future. They are both great to work with.

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